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Transparent Orthodontics

Traditional teeth braces procedure is no longer the only way to get a well- symmetrical Teeth Shape. However, the emergence of invisible or transparent teeth braces procedure has proven an important aesthetic alternative to such braces. In this article, transparent orthodontics treatment, along with its types and methods of installation will be discussed.

Reasons for Having Transparent Teeth Braces

It should be noted that installing braces is performed by a specialized dentist to treat simple and medium cases as in the case of teeth alignment .i.e. crooked teeth or divergent teeth roots. Installing transparent braces is one of the appropriate solutions to tackle these teeth problems and obtain the best results that are similar to the results of traditional or metal braces in improving the appearance of teeth away from the negative appearance of a mouth with metal brackets which may cause embarrassment while talking or smiling. Besides, transparent orthodontic treatment is recommended to straighten the teeth of both teenagers and adults.

Metal VS. Transparent Dental Braces

Traditional or metal braces set has a dark color that contrasts the color of the teeth, while transparent teeth retainer is characterized by a color that is close to the natural color of the teeth, which makes it invisible to others.

Types of Transparent Orthodontic Braces

There are many types of transparent retainers for teeth depending on the material of which the orthodontic braces set is made, such as that made of ceramic or porcelain as in ceramic material that has transparent wires similar to the natural color of teeth which is being changed periodically by the dentist to preserve cleanliness. Moreover, transparent orthodontic types also vary, according to the method of installment, into inside braces set which is metallic and not transparent in terms of color, but the way it is attached to the teeth in a backward way makes it invisible to others.

Another type is the invisible braces, which consists of a set of transparent plastic molds or aligners that are customized according to the size of the patient’s mouth and distinguished by being transparent, flexible, and removable which is recommended due to its easy clean after eating. It is also considered one of the best solutions for patients who travel and unable to make appointments regularly.
In brief, if you would like to obtain a stunning appearance of your teeth, do not hesitate to visit us at Healing Clinic and meet its dentists and specialists who are always ready to provide you with the right transparent braces for having a gorgeous smile.